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Manuel J. Tordesillas joins Codesai

Published by Manuel J. Tordesillas on 13/04/2017

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It has already been two months since I had the opportunity to become a member of Codesai and I cannot express with words how happy and grateful I am after joining this incredible group.

I have always considered myself as an optimist and nonconformist person, continuously looking ahead and being certain that there is something better out there for us programmers. When I found myself without the knowledge, practice and skill to lead a change from within the organisations I was working for, I decided to have a break to start building the skills required to take such a challenge in the future.

Amongst all good practices, I consider testing a cornerstone for any good and sustainable development. To improve my testing skills, I contacted Carlos to attend their TDD open course in Madrid. I had met him in the Agile Open Space 2013 in Tenerife where I was introduced to Agilism, Open Spaces and katas, being greatly impressed by his knowledge and humility.

The Codesai Team

After a few talks with Carlos, he offered me to join Codesai as an apprentice and I did not have to think twice about it, I had already decided from the moment he offered! I have to say, it feels like one of the best decisions I have taken in the last few years. Codesai is not only a company with developers that are well known by the community and the industry, we are a group of human beings with aligned purposes and goals that want to make both the world and the industry a better place.

Following Codesai’s spirit of sharing knowledge and teaching, I am currently being mentored by Manu Rivero. We are having weekly sessions to explore concepts and practice skills that are essential for the craft. You can follow our progress at our github repos: Pair of M’s

I joined Codesai because I wanted to learn, I have learned many things already and so many are there waiting, still to be learned. However, I found more than knowledge, I found a group of great people that inspire me every single day.

Thank you for letting me in! :)

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