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We were at Merkle

Published by Manuel Rivero on 02/12/2017

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Momento 2 curso TDD Merkle

Last October Luis Rovirosa, Jordi Anguela and I had the pleasure to give three TDD trainings at Merkle’s impressive offices in Barcelona. Merkle is a consulting company distributed worldwide which is very committed to deliver not only value but also high quality software to their clients.

We worked with three groups comprised of people from different teams. This mix was challenging but also rewarding because the members of each team brought with them different set of problems, skills and practices, which lead to interesting discussions and opportunities to learn. All in all, I think we managed to satisfy the expectations they had about our training.

Momento 1 curso TDD Merkle

I delivered two of the trainings with Luis, and Jordi and Luis the other one. Every time it’s possible we try to give our trainings in pairs because we think it makes them much better. Being two we can devote more time to give feedback and help each person with their doubts while they are working through the katas. It also helps us monitor our audience better so that we can adapt our message to their needs.

We loved working with such great people. We’d like to thank them all for the great time we had. We’d also like to specially thank Nelson Cardenas for having contacted us to work with them. We’d love to continue collaborating with this great team in the future.

asistentes al curso 1 de TDD en Merkle

asistentes al curso 2 de TDD en Merkle

asistentes al curso 3 de TDD en Merkle

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