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Back at Merkle in 2018

Published by Miguel Viera, Alfredo Casado & Manuel Rivero on 26/06/2018

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Merkle TDD Training 2018 a

In the last quarter of 2017 we delivered several TDD trainings at Merkle’s offices in Barcelona and did several consulting session with their JavaScript and Java teams. Merkle is a company with high quality standards for the software they develop, so we were very happy when they contacted us to collaborate again this year doing several TDD trainings and consulting sessions.

So far we have done the first round of consulting sessions and the first of the TDD trainings. It was a very special one because it was the first test drive of our revamped training material. We have used the feedback from former training attendees to refine our TDD training material. We edited some parts that we thought were less valuable, and added new modules that reflects better the way we understand TDD at Codesai, so that the course is now more dynamic and easier to follow. We are looking forward to having the next consulting sessions and TDD trainings.

Merkle TDD Training 2018 b
TDD training

We know that a two days introductory TDD training is not enough for a team to start doing TDD in a real environment. After the training, once the team returns to work, a lot of questions arise and the way to apply TDD is not always clear to them. In order to help Merkle’s teams in this process we are supplementing the TDD training with, on one hand, several rounds of consulting sessions in which we address together the difficulties that arise on the teams daily job, and, on the other hand, with one of the main novelties of this year’s collaboration with Merkle: a 4 months deliberate practice program. This program is aimed to improve the skills of a group of about 22 Merkle’s developers in object-oriented design, refactoring and TDD. We will give more details about it in a future post.

Merkle TDD Deliberate Practice Program 2018
Deliberate Practice Program

Before finishing this post, we would love to thank Merkle (and especially Nelson Cardenas) for trusting us again to train their developers and help them grow their skills.

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