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Notes on OCP from Agile Principles, Practices and Patterns book

Published by Manuel Rivero on 29/01/2021

Clean Code, Principles, Object-Oriented Design, Learning, Books, SOLID

Some time ago I wrote a post sharing my notes on SRP from Agile Principles, Practices and Patterns book because I was making an effort to get closer to the sources of some object-oriented concepts. I didn’t continue sharing my notes on SOLID because I thought they might not be interesting for our readers. However, seeing the success of the Single responsibility ¿Principle? episode of The Big Branch Theory Podcast for which I used my notes on SRP, I’ve decided to share the rest of my notes on SOLID on Codesai’s blog.

Ok, so these are the raw notes I took while reading the chapter devoted to Open-closed Principle in Robert C. Martin’s Agile Principles, Practices and Patterns in C# book (I added some personal annotations between brackets):

For me getting closer to the sources of SOLID principles was a great experience that helped me to remove illusions of knowledge I had developed due to the telephone game effect caused by initially learning about SOLID through blog posts and talks. I hope these notes on OCP might be useful to you as well, and motivate you to read a bit closer to some of the sources.

Originally published in Manuel Rivero's blog.

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